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APPH6000-IS400 IS400  
DS1074Z-S Plus  
DS1104Z-S Plus  
34907A-USED   Agilent 34907A Multifunction Module for the 34970A. Used.
34970A-Demo   Agilent 34970A-Demo Data Acquisition Switch Unit. Used.
34970A-HandleCover   Agilent 34970A-Handle and Cover
4288A   Agilent 4288A 1 kHz/1 MHz Capacitance Meter. New Old Stock
DCS-40-25EM130   Ametek / Sorensen DCS 40-25EM130 DC Power Supply 1000 W, 0-40 V, 0-25 A. Option M130 LAN / LXI Option Included. Five Year Warranty
DCS-40-30EM130   Ametek / Sorensen DCS 40-30EM130 DC Power Supply 1200 W, 0-40 V, 0-30 A. Option M130 LAN / LXI Option Included. Five Year Warranty
AM-HK   AMETEK HK Series Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 10 to 1500 PSI
AM-AMC910   AMETEK Jofra AMC910 Advanced Multi-Purpose Calibrator
AM-ASC301   AMETEK Jofra ASC301 Advanced Signal Calibrator
AM-ASC321   Ametek Jofra ASC321 Documenting Advanced Signal Calibrator
AM-ASM   AMETEK Jofra ASM Series Advanced Multi-Signal Temperature Scanner
AM-ATC125   AMETEK Jofra ATC125 Cryogenic Ultra-Cooling Temperature Calibrator, -90 to 125 C
AM-CSC100   AMETEK Jofra CSC100 Compact Signal/ Loop Calibrator
AM-CSC200   AMETEK Jofra CSC200 Temperature Signal Calibrator
AM-CSC201   AMETEK Jofra CSC201 Compact Signal Calibrator
AM-CTC   AMETEK Jofra CTC Series Compact Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -17 to 1200C
AM-DPC-501   AMETEK Jofra DPC-501 Documenting Pressure Calibrator, up to 14,500 PSI
AM-DTI-050   AMETEK Jofra DTI-050 High Accuracy Reference Thermometer
AM-DTI-1000   AMETEK Jofra DTI-1000 High Accuracy Reference Thermometer
AM-ETC   AMETEK Jofra ETC Series Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -10 to 400C
AM-ETC400R   AMETEK Jofra ETC400R Blackbody Infrared Thermometer Calibrator, 28 to 400C (82F to 752F)
AM-HPC400   AMETEK Jofra HPC400 Series Portable Digital Pressure Calibrator, 290 PSI
AM-HPC500   AMETEK Jofra HPC500 Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI
AM-HPC502   AMETEK Jofra HPC502 Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI
AM-HPC550EX   AMETEK Jofra HPC550EX Intrinsically Safe Handheld Pressure Calibrators, up to 10,000 PSI
AM-HPC552EX   AMETEK Jofra HPC552EX Intrinsically Safe Handheld Pressure Calibrator, Dual Sensor, Up to 10,000 PSI
AM-HPC600   AMETEK Jofra HPC600 Digital Handheld Pressure Calibrator, 300 PSI
AM-ITC   AMETEK Jofra ITC Series Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -23 to 650C (9 to 1202F)
AM-MACAL   AMETEK Jofra mAcal Loop Calibrator
AM-MTC   AMETEK Jofra MTC (Marine) Series Dry Block Temperature Calibrator, -17 to 650C
AM-PTC   AMETEK Jofra PTC Series Professional Temperature Calibrator, -90 to 660C
AM-RTC   AMETEK Jofra RTC Series Reference Dry-Block Temperature Calibrator, -45C to 700C
AM-PK2   AMETEK PK II Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 1 to 30 PSI
AM-RK   AMETEK RK Series Pneumatic Deadweight Tester, 1 to 300 PSI
AM-RTC158-250   AMETEK RTC158 & 250 Reference Temperature Calibrator, -22 to 250C
AM-RTC-159   AMETEK RTC159 Reference Temperature Calibrator, -100 to 155C
BAT-100   Amprobe BAT-100 Battery Tester. New in Box.
DM-III MULTITEST   Amprobe DM-III MULTITEST Power Quality Recorder/Analzer Data Logger. New in Box.
R-4000 CON   Amprobe R-4000 CON RECEIVER AT-4000CON (Discontinued)
TLDM   Amprobe TLDM Testlead Set W/ Alligator Clip, Probe,1KV/CATIII, 600V/CA (Discontinued)
VPC-30   Amprobe VPC-30 Voltage and Continuity Tester LED. New in Box.
VPC-31   Amprobe VPC-31 Voltage and Continuity Tester LCD / LED. (Discontinued)
HPS10-3600   Amrel HPS10-3600 DC Power Supply, 36KW, 0-10Vdc, 0-3600Vdc
HPS100X450   Amrel HPS100X450 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-100Vdc, 0-450Adc
HPS100X600   Amrel HPS100X600 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-100Vdc, 0-600Adc
HPS100X750   Amrel HPS100X750 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-100Vdc, 0-750Adc
HPS15-2403   Amrel HPS15-2403 DC Power Supply, 36KW, 0-15Vdc, 0-2403Vdc
HPS15-3204   Amrel HPS15-3204 DC Power Supply, 48kW, 0-15Vdc, 0-3204Vdc
HPS160X282   Amrel HPS160X282 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-160Vdc, 0-282Adc
HPS160X376   Amrel HPS160X376 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-160Vdc, 0-376Adc
HPS160X470   Amrel HPS160X470 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-160Vdc, 0-470Adc
HPS160X658   Amrel HPS160X658 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-160Vdc, 0-624Adc
HPS20-2250   Amrel HPS20-2250 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-20Vdc, 0-2250Adc
HPS20-3000   Amrel HPS20-3000 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-20Vdc, 0-3000Adc
HPS20-3750   Amrel HPS20-3750 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-20Vdc, 0-3750Adc
HPS200X225   Amrel HPS200X225 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-200Vdc, 0-225Adc
HPS200X300   Amrel HPS200X300 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-200Vdc, 0-300Adc
HPS200X375   Amrel HPS200X375 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-200Vdc, 0-375Adc
HPS200X525   Amrel HPS200X525 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-200Vdc, 0-500Adc
HPS250X180   Amrel HPS250X180 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-250Vdc, 0-180Adc
HPS250X240   Amrel HPS250X240 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-250Vdc, 0-240Adc
HPS250X300   Amrel HPS250X300 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-250Vdc, 0-300Adc
HPS250X420   Amrel HPS250X420 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-250Vdc, 0-400Adc
HPS30-1503   Amrel HPS30-1503 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-30vDC, 0-1503Adc
HPS30-2004   Amrel HPS30-2004 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-30vDC, 0-2004Adc
HPS30-2505   Amrel HPS30-2505 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-30vDC, 0-2505Adc
HPS30X3507   Amrel HPS30X3507 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-30Vdc, 0-3507Adc
HPS330X135   Amrel HPS330X135 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-330Vdc, 0-135Adc
HPS330X180   Amrel HPS330X180 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-330Vdc, 0-180Adc
HPS330X225   Amrel HPS330X225 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-330Vdc, 0-225Adc
HPS330X315   Amrel HPS330X315 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-330Vdc, 0-304Adc
HPS400X114   Amrel HPS400X114 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-400Vdc, 0-114Adc
HPS400X152   Amrel HPS400X152 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-400Vdc, 0-152Adc
HPS400X190   Amrel HPS400X190 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-400Vdc, 0-190Adc
HPS400X266   Amrel HPS400X266 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-500Vdc, 0-252Adc
HPS40X1125   Amrel HPS40X1125 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-40Vdc, 0-1125Adc
HPS40X1500   Amrel HPS40X1500 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-40Vdc, 0-1500Adc
HPS40X1875   Amrel HPS40X1875 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-40Vdc, 0-1875Adc
HPS40X2625   Amrel HPS40X2625 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-40Vdc, 0-2625Adc
HPS600X100   Amrel HPS600X100 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-600Vdc, 0-100Adc
HPS600X125   Amrel HPS600X125 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-600Vdc, 0-125Adc
HPS600X175   Amrel HPS600X175 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-600Vdc, 0-168Adc
HPS600X75   Amrel HPS600X75 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-600Vdc, 0-75Adc
HPS60X1000   Amrel HPS60X1000 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-60Vdc, 0-1000Adc
HPS60X1250   Amrel HPS60X1250 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-60Vdc, 0-1250Adc
HPS60X1750   Amrel HPS60X1750 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-60Vdc, 0-1500Adc
HPS60X750   Amrel HPS60X750 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-60Vdc, 0-750Adc
HPS800X133   Amrel HPS800X133 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-800Vdc, 0-133Adc
HPS800X56   Amrel HPS800X56 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-800Vdc, 0-56.2Adc
HPS800X75   Amrel HPS800X75 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-800Vdc, 0-75Adc
HPS800X93   Amrel HPS800X93 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-800Vdc, 0-93.7Adc
HPS80X1316   Amrel HPS80X1316 DC Power Supply, 105KW, 0-80Vdc, 0-1125Adc
HPS80X564   Amrel HPS80X564 DC Power Supply, 45KW, 0-80Vdc, 0-564Adc
HPS80X752   Amrel HPS80X752 DC Power Supply, 60KW, 0-80Vdc, 0-752Adc
HPS80X940   Amrel HPS80X940 DC Power Supply, 75KW, 0-80Vdc, 0-940Adc
MCU-1   Amrel MCU-1 DC Electronic Load, , Volts, Amps
PLA1.5K-1000-12   Amrel PLA1.5K-1000-12 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 1000 Volts, 12 Amps
PLA1.5K-120-300   Amrel PLA1.5K-120-300 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 120 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA1.5K-400-100   Amrel PLA1.5K-400-100 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 400 Volts, 100 Amps
PLA1.5K-60-600   Amrel PLA1.5K-60-600 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 60 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA1.5K-600-60   Amrel PLA1.5K-600-60 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 600 Volts, 60 Amps
PLA1.5K-800-30   Amrel PLA1.5K-800-30 DC Electronic Load, 1.5KW, 800 Volts, 30 Amps
PLA100K-120-1500   Amrel PLA100K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 100KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA100K-400-600   Amrel PLA100K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 100KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA100K-60-1500   Amrel PLA100K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 100KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA100K-600-400   Amrel PLA100K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 100KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA10K-120-1500   Amrel PLA10K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 10KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA10K-400-600   Amrel PLA10K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 10KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA10K-60-1500   Amrel PLA10K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 10KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA10K-600-400   Amrel PLA10K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 10KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA2.5K-120-600   Amrel PLA2.5K-120-600 DC Electronic Load, 2.5KW, 120 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA2.5K-400-300   Amrel PLA2.5K-400-300 DC Electronic Load, 2.5KW, 400 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA2.5K-60-1000   Amrel PLA2.5K-60-1000 DC Electronic Load, 2.5KW, 60 Volts, 1000 Amps
PLA2.5K-600-120   Amrel PLA2.5K-600-120 DC Electronic Load, 2.5KW, 600 Volts, 120 Amps
PLA20K-120-1500   Amrel PLA20K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 20KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA20K-400-600   Amrel PLA20K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 20KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA20K-60-1500   Amrel PLA20K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 20KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA20K-600-400   Amrel PLA20K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 20KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA2K-120-400   Amrel PLA2K-120-400 DC Electronic Load, 2KW, 120 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA2K-400-300   Amrel PLA2K-400-300 DC Electronic Load, 2KW, 400 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA2K-60-600   Amrel PLA2K-60-600 DC Electronic Load, 2KW, 60 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA2K-600-100   Amrel PLA2K-600-100 DC Electronic Load, 2KW, 600 Volts, 100 Amps
PLA3K-1000-30   Amrel PLA3K-1000-30 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 1000 Volts, 30 Amps
PLA3K-120-800   Amrel PLA3K-120-800 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 120 Volts, 800 Amps
PLA3K-400-300   Amrel PLA3K-400-300 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 400 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA3K-60-1000   Amrel PLA3K-60-1000 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 60 Volts, 1000 Amps
PLA3K-600-200   Amrel PLA3K-600-200 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 600 Volts, 200 Amps
PLA3K-800-50   Amrel PLA3K-800-50 DC Electronic Load, 3KW, 800 Volts, 50 Amps
PLA40K-120-1500   Amrel PLA40K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 40KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA40K-400-600   Amrel PLA40K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 40KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA40K-60-1500   Amrel PLA40K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 40KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA40K-600-400   Amrel PLA40K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 40KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA4K-120-1000   Amrel PLA4K-120-1000 DC Electronic Load, 4KW, 120 Volts, 1000 Amps
PLA4K-400-600   Amrel PLA4K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 4KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA4K-60-1200   Amrel PLA4K-60-1200 DC Electronic Load, 4KW, 60 Volts, 1200 Amps
PLA4K-600-200   Amrel PLA4K-600-200 DC Electronic Load, 4KW, 600 Volts, 200 Amps
PLA5K-1000-50   Amrel PLA5K-1000-50 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 1000 Volts, 50 Amps
PLA5K-120-1200   Amrel PLA5K-120-1200 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 120 Volts, 1200 Amps
PLA5K-400-400   Amrel PLA5K-400-400 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 400 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA5K-60-1200   Amrel PLA5K-60-1200 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 60 Volts, 1200 Amps
PLA5K-600-300   Amrel PLA5K-600-300 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 600 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA5K-800-100   Amrel PLA5K-800-100 DC Electronic Load, 5KW, 800 Volts, 100 Amps
PLA60K-120-1500   Amrel PLA60K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 60KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA60K-400-600   Amrel PLA60K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 60KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA60K-60-1500   Amrel PLA60K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 60KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA60K-600-400   Amrel PLA60K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 60KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA6K-120-1500   Amrel PLA6K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 6KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA6K-400-500   Amrel PLA6K-400-500 DC Electronic Load, 6KW, 400 Volts, 500 Amps
PLA6K-60-1500   Amrel PLA6K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 6KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA6K-600-300   Amrel PLA6K-600-300 DC Electronic Load, 6KW, 600 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA7.5K-1000-75   Amrel PLA7.5K-1000-75 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 1000 Volts, 75 Amps
PLA7.5K-120-1500   Amrel PLA7.5K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA7.5K-400-600   Amrel PLA7.5K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA7.5K-60-1500   Amrel PLA7.5K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA7.5K-600-400   Amrel PLA7.5K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLA7.5K-800-150   Amrel PLA7.5K-800-150 DC Electronic Load, 7.5KW, 800 Volts, 150 Amps
PLA800-1000-5   Amrel PLA800-1000-5 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 1000 Volts, 5 Amps
PLA800-120-150   Amrel PLA800-120-150 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 120 Volts, 150 Amps
PLA800-400-120   Amrel PLA800-400-120 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 400 Volts, 120 Amps
PLA800-60-300   Amrel PLA800-60-300 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 60 Volts, 300 Amps
PLA800-600-50   Amrel PLA800-600-50 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 600 Volts, 50 Amps
PLA800-800-15   Amrel PLA800-800-15 DC Electronic Load, 800W, 800 Volts, 15 Amps
PLA80K-120-1500   Amrel PLA80K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 80KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA80K-400-600   Amrel PLA80K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 80KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLA80K-60-1500   Amrel PLA80K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 80KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLA80K-600-400   Amrel PLA80K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 80KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLW12K-1000-50   Amrel PLW12K-1000-50 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 1000 Volts, 50 Amps
PLW12K-120-1200   Amrel PLW12K-120-1200 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 120 Volts, 1200 Amps
PLW12K-400-600   Amrel PLW12K-400-600 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 400 Volts, 600 Amps
PLW12K-60-1500   Amrel PLW12K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLW12K-600-400   Amrel PLW12K-600-400 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 600 Volts, 400 Amps
PLW12K-800-50   Amrel PLW12K-800-50 DC Electronic Load, 12KW, 800 Volts, 50 Amps
PLW18K-1000-75   Amrel PLW18K-1000-75 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 1000 Volts, 75 Amps
PLW18K-120-1500   Amrel PLW18K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLW18K-400-800   Amrel PLW18K-400-800 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 400 Volts, 800 Amps
PLW18K-60-1500   Amrel PLW18K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLW18K-600-600   Amrel PLW18K-600-600 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 600 Volts, 600 Amps
PLW18K-800-75   Amrel PLW18K-800-75 DC Electronic Load, 18KW, 800 Volts, 75 Amps
PLW24K-1000-100   Amrel PLW24K-1000-100 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 1000 Volts, 100 Amps
PLW24K-120-1500   Amrel PLW24K-120-1500 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 120 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLW24K-400-1200   Amrel PLW24K-400-1200 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 400 Volts, 1200 Amps
PLW24K-60-1500   Amrel PLW24K-60-1500 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 60 Volts, 1500 Amps
PLW24K-600-800   Amrel PLW24K-600-800 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 600 Volts, 800 Amps
PLW24K-800-100   Amrel PLW24K-800-100 DC Electronic Load, 24KW, 800 Volts, 100 Amps
PLW36K-1000-150   Amrel PLW36K-1000-150 DC Electronic Load, 36KW, 1000 Volts, 150 Amps

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