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Instek GOS-630FC 30 MHz Bandwidth 2 channel Analog Oscilloscope with Function Generator. Brand New.

Instek GOS-630FG 30 MHz Bandwidth 2 channel Analog Oscilloscope with Function Generator. Brand New.
Instek GOS-630FG 30 MHz Bandwidth 2 channel Analog Oscilloscope with Function Generator. Brand New.

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Instek GOS-630FG 30 MHz Bandwidth 2 channel Analog Oscilloscope with Function Generator. Brand New.
The Economic Oscilloscope GOS-630FC establishes a brand new benchmark for the Oscilloscopes within the Same category. New and innovative functions, including LCD Readout Display, Frequency Counter, and Auto Time-Base setting, are provided as standard features, with a 30MHz bandwidth and valuable features, is priced at the basic Oscilloscope level. 1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity is able to capture small signal variations in the input source. Additional functions such as XY mode display, MAG function (Time based Magnified), and Z-axis Input extend the application range of GOS-630FC to both education and industry fields.

The added values without being converted into extra cost make the GOS-630FC the most beneficial choice among the entry-level analog oscilloscopes available in todayfs market.
  • 1mV/div High Vertical Sensitivity
  • Internal 5 Digits Real-Time Frequency Counter
  • LCD Readout Display for Vertical/ Horizontal/Frequency Measurement
  • Auto Time-Base
  • Buzzer Alarm
  • TV(TV-V, TV-H) Trigger Modes
  • XY Mode
  • Z-Axis Input and External Trigger Input


    Sensitivity 1mV ` 5V/div , 12 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
    Accuracy …3%, (1mV/div, 2mV/div: 5%)
    Vernier Vertical Sensitivity …1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
    Bandwidth DC`30MHz (1mV/div, 2mV/div: DC`7MHz)
    Rise Time Approx. 11.7ns (1mV/div, 2mV/div: Approx. 50ns)
    Input Impedance Approx. 1MƒΆ // Approx. 25pF
    Square Wave Characteristics Overshoot : 5% ( At 10mV/div range)
    Linearity <}0.1div of amplitude change
    Vertical Modes CH1, CH2, DUAL (ALT/CHOP), ADD
    Chopping Repetition Frequency Approx. 250kHz
    Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
    Maximum Input Voltage CAT II 300V(DC+ACpeak)
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio 50:1 or better at 50kHz sinusoidal wave
    Isolation Between Channels >1000:1at 50kHz, >30:1at 30MHz(at 5mv/div Range)
    CH1 Signal Output At least 20 mV/div at 50ƒΆ terminal, frequency at least 50Hz to 5MHz


    Triggering Source CH1, CH2, ALT, LINE, EXT
    Coupling AC : 20Hz to full bandwidth
    Slope + / -
    Sensitivity 20Hz ` 2 MHz : 0.5 div, TRIG-ALT : 2 div, EXT : 200mV
    2MHz ` 30MHz : 1.5 div, TRIG-ALT : 3 div, EXT : 800mV
    TV : Sync pulse more than 1 div (EXT: 1V)
    Triggering Modes AUTO , NORM , TV-V , TV-H


    Input Impedance Approx. 1MƒΆ// approx. 25pF
    Maximum Input Voltage CAT II 300V(DC+AC peak)


    Sweep Time 0.2ƒΚS ` 0.5 S/div , 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence
    Sweep Time Accuracy }3%
    Vernier Sweep Time Control … 1/2.5 of panel-indicated value
    Sweep Magnification 10 times
    ~10MAG Sweep Time Accuracy }5% (20nSec`50nSec are uncalibrated)
    Linearity }3%, ~10MAG:}5% (20ns and 50ns are uncalibrated)
    X-Y MODE
    Sensitivity Same as vertical axis
    Bandwidth DC to at least 500kHz
    X-Y Phase Difference …3‹ at DC `50kHz
    Z AXIS
    Sensitivity 5 Vp-p (Positive-going signal decreases intensity)
    Bandwidth DC ` 2MHz
    Input Resistance Approx. 47kƒΆ
    Maximum Input Voltage CAI II 30V(DC+AC peak)
    Waveform Positive-going Square wave
    Frequency Approx. 1 kHz
    Duty Ratio Within 48:52
    Output Voltage 2 Vp-p }2%
    Output Impedance Approx. 1 kƒΆ
    Display Digits Max. 5-digits decimal
    Frequency Range 50Hz~30MHz
    Accuracy }0.05% : 50Hz~1kHz, }0.02% : 1kHz~30MHz
    Measuring Sensitivity > 2div


    Display VOLT/div, TIME/div, X-Y Mode, Frequency
    Backlight Orange


    Type 6-inch rectangular type, internal graticule
    Phosphor & Acceleration Voltage P 31 & Approx. 2kV
    Effective Screen Size 8 ~ 10 div (1 div = 10mm (0.39in))
    Graticule Internal
    Trace Rotation Provided
    Line Voltage AC 115V, 230V}15% selectable
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz


    Temperature -10Ž to 70Ž
    Humidity 70%RH (Max.)


    Standard accessories User manual x 1
    Power Cord x 1
    Probe x 2
    310(W) x 150(H) x 455(D) mm
    Approx. 8.2kg

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